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IT Management Program Courses

Online IT Management Masters Degree

The UW Master of Science in Information Technology Management offers 100% online courses. All course content, from multimedia lectures and e-learning tools to homework assignments, will be delivered to you through the program’s online learning management system. You can study and do homework whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you.

Students are required to take each of the 13 technical- and business-focused courses in the curriculum. Only your campus adviser can determine how previous coursework might satisfy IT Management requirements.

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The selection of courses for the UW IT Management master’s degree varies each fall, spring, and summer. For upcoming courses, check the course schedule. Course offerings are subject to change due to fluctuating enrollments.

Current students should consult with their campus adviser about setting up their academic schedule prior to registration. See course descriptions below.

Develop communication skills for IT professionals. Deliver effective presentations, conduct crucial conversations with stakeholders. Develop verbal and nonverbal communication skills emphasizing cultural sensitivity, diversity, and ethics. Conduct relevant research and critically evaluate information to make informed evidence-based decisions.

ITM 700 Syllabus

Gain an understanding of the differences between and application of management and leadership theories in an IT environment. Utilize an array of assessment activities to identify and understand one’s own personal assets and liabilities to become an effective leader and agent of change in a complex adaptive system.

ITM 705 Syllabus

Frame financial decisions within general and project accounting principles. Topics include: pro forma financial statements, time value of money, cash flows and equivalence, depreciation, net present value, rate of return, and ratio analysis. Prepare budgets that prioritize projects within constraints, address uncertainty and intangibles, and integrate with project scheduling.

Note: It’s recommended students take this course in the first two semesters, as it is a prerequisite for mid-level courses. 

ITM 710 Syllabus

Examine key data science concepts, methods, and processes. Address issues for developing, managing and supporting data-driven decision-making in the organization. Gain knowledge and tools for incorporating data science into IT project workflows. Topics include, but are not limited to, data analytics, data warehousing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Leverage cloud services to streamline computing resources, deploy enterprise applications, improve user access and system reliability, and utilize advanced computing capabilities. Foundation concepts include: virtualization, multi-tenant architecture, and software defined networking. Examine the full range of services available to organizations along with deployment strategies, evaluation criteria, economic justification, and manageability.

Prerequisite: ITM 710: Finance for IT Managers

Explore technical, administrative, and physical aspects of IT security.  Investigate various threats within IT and fraud. Apply information classification to the design of information, network and physical security. Evaluate the business processes of risk, business continuity, audit, and the risk within software development. Topics covered include cybersecurity, disaster recovery, data privacy, architecture and policy, and risk management.

Prerequisite: ITM 700: Communications for IT Professionals

Examine project management concepts as applied to IT projects; including traditional PMBOK techniques such as project identification, selection, procurement, and cost/schedule preparation and monitoring. Introduce agile IT project management concepts including Scrum and Extreme Programming. Students will be required to apply these concepts to group projects.

Prerequisites: ITM 700: Communications for IT Professionals and ITM 710: Finance for IT Managers

Focus on the importance, role, and techniques of the business analysis function in the modern IT organization. Course content is organized around the six knowledge areas and associated techniques of the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) specified by the International Institute of Business Analysis.

Prerequisite: ITM 710: Finance for IT Managers

Note: It’s recommended students take this course within the first four semesters, as it is a prerequisite for upper-level courses. 

Explore best practices and techniques for ensuring the smooth functioning of the IT infrastructure and operational environments to support development and deployment of applications and services within the organization. Coverage includes network infrastructure; servers and devices; computer operations; service management; facilities; help desk services, DevOps, and process automation.

Prerequisite: ITM 735: Business Analysis and System Development

Examine best practices in IT governance to achieve regulatory compliance, optimize use of available resources, ensure trustworthiness of enterprise information, and support business strategies and objectives. Topics include: strategic alignment,  IT service and control frameworks, portfolio management, IT risk management, and ethical issues in IT governance.

Prerequisites: ITM 705: Leading the IT Function and ITM 735: Business Analysis and System Development

Research, identify and evaluate significant new trends, technologies and events influencing the global environment of information technology and systems. Evaluate future and disruptive technologies, strategies for successful implementation of innovative technologies, critical thinking, and ethics pertaining to its use.

Prerequisite: ITM 740: IT Operations

Select a capstone project, create a plan, define deliverables, secure approval and complete setup of their development environment. Review concepts necessary for completion of the capstone including Agile project management, systems analysis and communicating with technical and non-technical audiences. Additional topics may be included.

Prerequisite: ITM 730:  Agile and Traditional IT Project Management

Complete the projects approved in the Capstone Preparation course. This course includes the management, development and delivery of an information technology project to a client or employer, including regular communication of status to both technical and non-technical audiences.

Prerequisites: ITM 735: Business Analysis and System Development and ITM 754: Capstone Preparation

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